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How We Work With Clients



Investment Philosophy:


Zanowski Financial Group believes that an individual’s investments should serve the goals of that individual. As each client’s situation and plan is unique, so is that client’s investment portfolio. First and foremost, our planners listen and detail what your true needs and goals are. We then construct your portfolio as to meet those specific needs. 


Zanowski Financial Group continually researches, interviews and performs due diligence on prospective investments and institutional money managers for our clients. Time-tested models are utilized to serve our client’s goals. 


Our Asset Monitoring service includes: 


-  Asset allocation and regular rebalancing

-  Monitoring of money managers as for style drift and changes in management team

-  Continual due diligence of potential investments and money managers

-  Regular review of your accounts and investments

-  Reporting of progress to your goals and performance to defined benchmarks

-  Tax review of your accounts

-  Reassessment of your investments in light of main life events (death, disability, sale of business,…)

-  Reassessment of risk profile over time and alteration of investments to suit

-  Risk-mitigation tools

-  Access to your accounts for balance information